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The high accuracy closed loop current sensor is a newly developed current transducer based on the principle of hall effect and magnetic balance, with galvanic isolation between primary and secondary circuit. The size of primary does not affect test precision, no matter the location of primary in the hole of the current sensor. It can truly distinguish the measurement of 1000:1, accurately measure DC, AC, pulse and various irregular waveforms under the condition of electrical isolation.

With more than 12 years experience in current measurement field, Cheemi offers innovative, high quality voltage sensors with much competitive prices to meet the customers' needs. OEM/Customize unique sensors for your special application requirement is available!

Our sensors are alternative to LEM, Tamura transducers. Free samples are available for your testing and evaluation before purchasing.

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Case Type Model Nominal Current (RMS) Vout/Iout @Ipn Measuring Range Supply Voltage DC Accuracy (%) @Ipn +25°C Mounting (mm) Datasheet Download
CHK_BS15D4H 50/100/200/300/400/600A ±4.000V 0~±900A ±12–15 < ±0.5% 10.5*20.5
CHK_F15D4H 200/400/800/1000/1200/2000A ±4.000V 0~±3000A ±12–15 < ±0.5% 12.5*41.0
CHK_FK15D4H 200/400/800/1000/1200/2000A ±4.000V 0~±4000A ±12–15 < ±0.5% 13.0*41.0
CHB_BS3S1H 20/50/100/200A 1.650±1.250V 0~±200A +3.3V < ±0.5% 10.5*20.5
CHB_BS3S6H 50/100/125/200A 1.650±0.625V 0~+100A +3.3V < ±0.5% 10.5*20.5
CHB_DS5S6H 06/15/25/50A 2.5±0.625V 0~±150A +5V < ±0.5% 4.4*6.6
CHB_DSR5S6H 06/15/25/50A 2.5±0.625V 0~±150A +5V < ±0.5% 4.4*6.6
CHB_ES3S6H 10/25/50/75A 1.650±0.625V 0~±150A +3.3V < ±0.5% Ø8.2
CHB_ES5S6H 10/25/50/75A 2.500±0.625V 0~±150A +5V < ±0.5% Ø8.2
CHB_LSP3S1H 10/15/20/40A 1.650±1.250V 0~±40A +3.3–5V < ±0.5% Ø8.5
CHB_LSP5S2H 10/15/20/25/30A 2.500±2.000V 0~±30A +5V < ±0.5% Ø8.5
CHB_LTA5S2H 50/100/200/300A 2.500±2.000V 0~±300A +5V < ±0.5% Ø20
CHB_LTA24S2H 50/100/200A 2.500±2.000V 0~±200A +24V < ±0.5% Ø20
CHB_ECH15D 5/507.5/75/10/100/20/200A 5±0.2%FS 5-200A ±12–18V < ±0.1% PCB
CHB_EH15D 2/25/5/50/10/100/20/200A 2-±0.2%FS mA 0~±200A ±12~±18V < ±0.1% Ø10.5
CHB_EP15D 2/25/5/50/10/100/20/200A 2-±0.2%FS mA 0~±200A ±12~±18V < ±0.1% Ø10.5
CHB_ES5S 10/25/50/75/100A ±1.0±0.2% 0-200A +5V±2.0% < ±1% Ø8.5
CHB_ES5S65 10/25/50/75/100A 2.500±0.625V 0-300A +5V < ±0.1% Ø8.5
CHB_HXS5S 10/20/30/50A 2.500±0.625V 0-150A +5V < ±0.1% PCB
CHB_LF15D 20-2000 4-400mA 0-3000A ±12–24V < ±0.1% Ø60.5
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