An RTD sensor element is the temperature sensing component that changes in resistance based on changes in temperature. For platinum elements, there are two basic types – thin film elements where the platinum is sputtered onto a ceramic base via photolithography and etching and wire-wound elements where a thin platinum wire is wrapped and fused inside a glass casing or embedded in ceramic. Elements are contrasted with RTD probes or assemblies that consist of an RTD element, a sheath or housing, an epoxy or filler, extension leads and sometimes a connector or termination.

Our Thin film platinum resistor Pt100, Pt1000, Pt500, Pt200, etc. covering -200℃~+900℃ temperature measurement range, can be widely used in automobile industry, household appliances, heating Ventilation and air conditioning, biomedical and experimental equipment, military industry, aerospace and other fields.

Various connection methods are available, such as resistance welding, argon arc welding, crimping, brazing, etc.

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