Cheemi has the technology, capacity, and experience to
become accustomed and optimizes its sensors to
your specific applications and markets. In the
Industrial business unit, we propose
specialized technical expertise,
comprehensive consultancy
services and customized
quality products for
the core areas
  • Electronics & Computers
  • Aerospace/Military/Homeland Security
  • Machine Manufacturing
  • EAutomotive
  • Medical Devices Engineering Architectural, R+D, etc.
  • Process Industries
  • Wireless Networking & M2M
  • ......
  • DC leakage current transducers for DC panels of smart grid
  • Hall current transducers for welding machine
  • Hall effect voltage sensors
  • Removable split hall effect current sensor
  • High accuracy current transducers
  • Optoelectronic proximity sensors
  • Inductive proximity sensors
  • Indutive proximity switches
  • Inductive proximity sensors for position detection
  • U-slot photoelectric switch for distance detection
  • Armored thermocouple with transmitters
  • Armored thermocouple with RTD transmitters
  • Temperature thermocouples
  • DIN-rail mounting type temperature transmitter
  • Intelligent temperature transmitter
  • ......
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