The Applications of Proximity Sensors

Proximity sensors are widely used in industry applications. They are usually used in six major fields.

Automatic production line:

  • Abnormal detection
  • Check whether there is a bottle cap
  • Determine whether the product is qualified
  • Check whether the metal products in the packing box are sufficient or not
  • Distinguish between metal and nonmetal parts
  • Make sure the product has had label inspection
  • Crane danger zone alarm
  • Automatic start and stop of escalator

Printing industry:

  • Dimensional control, accurate positioning
  • Size control device for metal plate punching shear
  • Automatic selection, Identify the length of the metal
  • Detect the height of the load during automatic loading and unloading
  • Check the length, width, height and volume of the items

The pharmaceutical industry:

  • Identify the object
  • Detect whether objects exist or not
  • Check whether there is product packaging
  • on the production packaging line
  • Check for product parts

CNC manufacturing:

  • Rotating speed and speed control
  • Control the rotating speed of the machine
  • Control speed and rotation with various pulse generators

Photovoltaic products production equipment:

  • Metering control
  • Automatic measurement of products or parts
  • Instrument pointer range and control number or flow
  • Check buoy control surface height and flow
  • Detecting the iron buoy in the stainless steel barrel
  • Controlling the upper or lower gauge range of the instrument
  • Flow control and level control

Wire mesh welding equipment:

  • Check the stop, starting and passing of elevator and lifting equipment
  • Detecting the position of the vehicle to prevent the collision of two objects
  • Check the setting position of the working machinery and the limit position of the moving machine or parts;
  • Check the stop position of the rotating body, the opening or closing position of the valve

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