Get ready for the M2M explosion

In the past few years, there have been significant advancements in connecting the Internet devices like health monitors, home security systems, and fitness trackers. IoT (Internet of Things) or M2M, involves two or more objects talking to each other online. The objects use small SENSORS to collect data, which can be turned into meaningful database and resources to help businesses get real-time insights and make more informed decisions.

For example, an M2M-enabled thermometer might link to the temperature control system on a subway, telling it to turn up the air conditioning on a particularly hot day.

Another typical example of M2M application is eCall, which has been developed in the EU for the automotive industry . This initiative involves fitting all new cars with an internet-enabled tracking device, which automatically connects with emergency services in the event of an accident to save time, that’s, to save life.

Sensor solutions or M2M solution are becoming an increasing part of daily life. Given the confluence of internet and technology, analysts and researchers predicts significant growth in M2M solutions this year.

M2M is the main stream that most industries and organizations can invest in these solutions. These enterprizes need to have the expertise and tools to implement IoT aspects that play a role in their systems.

In fact, many research firms predict that there will be a sharp increase of the total number of installed IoT devices in the coming years, and M2M solutions are expected to grow significantly as well.

Look at electric utilities and think: how they manage the distribution of electricity with smart meters? They carry out these operations by using machine-to machine technologies. With the onset of “smart” cities many municipal governments in the world have started testing sensor-enabled street lamps to help monitor traffic as well as receive severe weather warnings. All these projects are contributing to the rapid growth of M2M solutions in both the public and private sectors.

With CHEEMI’s mission that dedicated to IoT and shorten the distance between the T2T innovation, CHEEMI is making the best to make things emotional and communicating like human.

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