The Application of Hall Effect Current Sensor on Electric Vehicle Charging Pile

In recent years, with the development of electric vehicles in various countries boom, electric vehicle charging pile comes into being. Similar to the traditional gas station, charging pile is to solve the problem of electric vehicle charging life. As an important component of current and electric quantity monitoring, hall effect current sensor has played an important role in monitoring the charging process and ensuring security.

In the process of the charging pile converting AC to the standard form of AC or DC currents and transporting to the car battery, normal current in the conversion system at all levels is a prerequisite for ensuring the safe and smooth charging process. Current sensor in charging pile can accurately measure current, find and report internal abnormalies timely such as leakage, so as to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents. In addition, current sensors also function to accurately measure the car’s charging capacity to display for the user reference and charging fee calculation.

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