How to Select the Right Proximity Sensor?

The selection of an appropriate sensor is based on matching the operating characteristics of sensors to the requirements of an application. For different materials of the test body and different detection distance, we should choose different types of proximity switch.

To ensure the right selection of proximity sensor, the following principles should be considered in the selection procedure.

● With metal-material test object, the high frequency oscillation type proximity switch should be used, which is the most sensitive to the detection of iron nickel and A3 steel. While this kind of proximity sensor has relatively lower sensitivity to detect the objects with aluminum, brass and stainless steel materials.

● With non-metallic-material test object, such as wood, paper, plastic, glass and water, etc., capacitive proximity switches should be selected.

● When the metal and non-metal objects are to be detected and controlled in a long distance, the photoelectric proximity switch or ultrasonic proximity switch should be selected.

● For the metal-material detected objects, if the detection sensitivity is not high, the magnetic proximity sensor or Hall proximity sensor are also the options.
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